Capturing the Moment:
Professional Photographer in Denver, CO

Preserve important moments by turning to 5280 Photos and Design for gorgeous images. As an inspired professional photographer in Denver, CO, with over 15 years' experience, Aileen Gaumond caters her services to the needs of the client. She is a unique artist with nostalgia for rare and alternative processes, and she achieves breathtaking effects in her photography with cyanotype and bromoil techniques. Just as enthusiastic to shoot portraits of people and animals as she is to capture landscapes, Aileen's images always appear to capture the very spirit of the subject. In a way, her work tells a story – as if the subject itself were captured in action, at the moment. It's as if the snapshot becomes a "photographic memory" of a single moment in time.


In today's age of digital photography, Aileen believes that traditional processes with film and a darkroom yield distinctive images that tell a much deeper story. Having both earned a degree in graphic design and taught courses on the subject, she continues to pursue her passion for evocative visual imagery. Likewise, by incorporating her alternative photographic processing into her work, Aileen is able to offer clients of her photography company unique and aesthetic images that are truly one of a kind.

Treasure the Memory with Professional Photography

When it comes to documenting important events, it takes a gifted photographer to capture the shots that convey the significance and mood of the occasion. Let Aileen Gaumond provide the professional pictures that you'll enjoy for a lifetime. Additionally, she offers her services to individuals and companies whose businesses could use a reliable photographer for a variety of projects. Call today to discuss your request.